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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ill at ease

I have to say, today...I am a little ill at ease as I think about the barriers created not just about sex, but about the word itself. If mentioned in a public setting, it is not uncommon to see mothers covering the ears of their children, as if the word itself will ooze blackness into their souls. Do these mothers forget how their children came to be? Is their shame in their own sexual acts?

I have a friend who, a sex educator herself, expressed fear because she was having a daughter. She said with boys, you could tell them not to kiss too much, keep their penis in their pants and move on. Girls, you had to make sure they didn't get pregnant. She is a sex educator, so we had a long conversation about how she is empowered and how that will affect the decisions her daughter will make in the future.

We talked about her daughter, and the chance she will have to make educated, informed decisions. That by having an open dialogue of age-appropriate sex education throughout her life, she would create the foundation for further communication as her daughter got older. With this attitude, her daughter would be more inclined to have PROTECTED sex, if at all...being aware of the responsibilities that come along with it.

The fear I have the most are the children who never hear the word sex at home... the children who are being taught by the other kids on the bus about the most magical, intimate act between souls could be. The mystery, the responsibility, the sacredness of sex loses something in the translation from a precocious ll-year-old telling stories about his older brother before breakfast has even had time to digest.

Each time I introduce a school therapy group to the concept of talking to kids about sex (or talking about sex at all), we spend more time brainstorming after the session than playing out the actual session. It is amazing to me that people are in such need to create a healthy open dialogue. My teaching tool has been inspired by all of this!

Perhaps being raised by a CPS caseworker wasn't so bad (at one point in my life, I resented my mother's job). I knew how to take care of myself as a young woman in situations that could have gotten scary, and I continue to be an asset to those around me.

I do have to say, though, that I have gotten some interesting reactions from people. Most people, when they find out I am a sex educator say, "good, we need more of you!" However, some have thought that I want to educate their kids when I bring up this topic, and I can see the fear in their eyes.

Actually, it is not the children I want to educate, but the parent's on the most important concept of all....the content comes second to the OPEN LINE of COMMUNICATION!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Photo Shoot

I am not exempt from feelings of self-doubt or question. Many people believe that I have a great sex life because of what I do for a living. Yes, it has it's benefits, but it is oh-so-important to remember to take care of myself and my relationship.

With each party, I give of myself, education flowing from my head and heart to my mouth and your ears. I LOVE what I do, so much so I can sometimes neglect myself like a mother who has too much to do and not enough time (oh wait, I fit that bill, too). With this last years events, I have learned to find a wonderful balance of self-care and care of others. It has been quite a journey.

Last night, I got out of class early and expected to come home to find my partner waiting for me. We had no child for the evening, as she stayed at a friend's. But communication missed (I know I had mentioned that the new teacher lets us out at 8)...no one was home. Dissapointed, yes...but instead, I got my camera, tri-pod and gear and went next door. After a whole day of working on a sex education tool (something I am working on that I hope will help so many), I felt inspired.

So, I started taking pictures. I was loving myself, getting to know myself some more. It was difficult as I don't have all the tools I would like, but I enjoyed the ones I did and I got some nice pictures too!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Poll Daddy

Okay, I created a survey of the first 10 questions at


please remember to include all five components in the answers.


Question 1

I am doing an experiment with some questions and I really want to get your feedback. There are quite a few questions (probably about 100 of them). I will post the first question here and keep going for the next few weeks.

By e-mailing me, your answers will be kept confidential. If you choose to respond here, that is okay as well, but they will be public view (though you can post anonymously)


The question is this:
How do you feel sex in media influences societal ideas of sexuality?

I want a few components to the answer.
  1. Your initial response
  2. Where you think these veiws come from
  3. If you could have one wish regarding this, what would it be
  4. How would you make it happen
  5. Who would benefit from it.
I absolutely appreciate your participation in this!


Saturday, July 5, 2008

Starting Off...or Getting Off

I am excited to be venturing deeper into the blog world of the internet. As a long year comes to an end, one full of tragic healing, I find myself more connected to my life partner. Though sex can sometimes wane with us (being married for over a decade has had its ups and downs), right now we are on our way up!

The Sex Stool has founds its way into our bedroom, and although I didn't originally think I would like, one of the Sacral Tease team members sold me on it! HOLY... can you say...whole new heights! Literally. I am not a small girl, by any means, and was concerned with not only the weight capacity, but the tendency for the body to slide through the slat in an embarrasing meeting of flesh and plastic.

But, my dears, that was not the case!

Christine Laplante
Goddess #431